About Us

J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate serves students in grades 9-12 in Ajax, Ontario.

Mission statement

Commit, Learn, Thrive

Principal's message

On behalf of the staff of J. Clarke Richardson Collegiate, I would like to welcome you to our website. Richardson is committed to providing an excellent education to all of our students, in a safe and inclusive school environment. The Richardson staff understands the importance of both the academic and social aspects of high school. We are ready and willing to support student achievement and provide opportunities for active participation in our many clubs, arts, and athletics programs.

As a school we pride ourselves in preparing students for whatever possibilities they choose after graduation. Whether that is a trade occupation, work in a specific field, or a particular college or university program, we have put supports and opportunities in place to help students get there. Students and parents alike appreciate the high expectations that we have for all in and out of the classroom. Those expectations, combined with high levels of supports, are what lead to the outstanding achievement of our students. A significant percentage of our students make the Honour Roll and Honour Roll with Distinction (90%+) each year.  High marks put students in control of their future and open the doors to top programs and scholarships.

A school wide focus on excellence and character education helps prepare our students to face life’s challenges and to view problems as opportunities for self-growth and resiliency.  School should be about more than just academics.  Over the years, staff and students have developed an incredible variety of activities to offer all students the opportunity to get involved in school life outside of the classroom. Most students are aware of the athletic opportunities which are available but there are opportunities in the arts, academics, culture, social justice and special interest clubs.

Commit, Learn, Thrive is more than a motto. It is a template for success in life and we encourage you to plan for success starting now!

Jeff Maharaj,